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  • The influence of "Internet + wine" on traditional channels of liquor industry

    Due to the rise of vertical e-commerce and social e-commerce, the passenger flow of traditional physical stores has gradually shrunk, and the prices have become more and more transparent. The main reason is that consumers have increasingly diversified purchasing channels. They can buy the desired products without leaving home, and can compare quality and price through different platforms and participate in various interesting promotional activities. As a result, the profit space of traditional physical stores is squeezed and the traditional market operation is hindered.
  • Change of consumer groups and consumption concepts

    At present, the main consumption group of liquor is gradually transferring to the post-80s generation. The younger generation of liquor consumers pay more attention to the sense of ceremony and modernity. The consumption structure is in the "golden stage" of iterative upgrading, and begins to transform into the consumption mode of high-end, brand, personalized and service-oriented. With the younger consumer groups and the diversification of consumption channels, with the continuous improvement of the new generation of consumers' awareness of alcohol, the traditional channels have been weakened.
  • It is difficult to sell the products, and the stock is piling up

    The business of dealers is getting bigger and bigger, but the working capital is always more and more tense. The main reason is that the market competition is fierce and the business is difficult to do. Many dealers have to credit in order to seize the market. If they don't, there will be no business. However, the operating cost of the market is increasing year by year, but the profit is falling again and again. Terminal retailers squeeze many kinds of fees, even default on payment, and try their best to occupy funds. So that the product sales difficulties, profit decline, resulting in a mountain of inventory.
  • Influence of policy pressure on government and commercial liquor

    Due to the three public consumption, eight regulations and prohibition, the beverage industry has entered a period of deep adjustment. Strict inspection of wine driving has also brought a lot of market impact to the liquor industry, facing the crisis of consumption fault. The transformation of the main consumption market of medium and high-end liquor brands makes the liquor industry enter an era of transformation and upgrading after deep adjustment, leading to the confusion of traditional dealers.
  • Product homogeneity is serious, difficult to break through the tight encirclement

    No matter online or offline market, the phenomenon of product homogenization is very common. In the face of this situation, the major liquor companies choose to fight cost and price, so that the brand value of liquor is diluted and the life cycle of single product is short. After the dealers started the market, a large number of homogeneous packaging products swarmed in. Finally, they had to use price war as the main means of competition and fell into vicious competition. As a result, the profits became thinner and thinner, the quality of products became worse and worse, and after-sales service could not be guaranteed. The dealers were also in dire straits and were hard to break through the encirclement.
  • Influence of fake and inferior products on liquor industry

    Over the years, fake and shoddy products are common, especially the first-line famous brand liquor as the worst hit area. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of fake liquor in the market, and consumers are unable to identify the authenticity, which is beyond defense. Some illegal wine enterprises in China have been making a lot of fake famous brand products and filling products in other places. The liquor market practitioners are suffering from this kind of unfair competition, which has a serious impact on the wine industry.
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  • Cutting edge marketing model

    Based on the traditional marketing mode, the company innovates its marketing thinking, takes consumer demands as the guidance, takes consumption habits as the breakthrough point, and takes the building of a community of interests of manufacturers as the starting point, and adopts a new 5.0 business model of "wine culture experience hall joining + community group buying + social e-commerce + vertical e-commerce + exclusive customization". According to the different resources and channels of the merchants, the profit products can be linked through online connection, offline connection, in store connection point and flow products to form a multi category and multi brand product marketing system, which can solve the traditional liquor sales dilemma and help the merchants to sell their products.
  • Product structure of combination of independent brand and famous brand

    At present, the company has reached a strategic cooperation with Guobao distillery, the third largest sauce wine brewing enterprise in Guizhou Province, to jointly create the strategic brands of "Guolu", "Guobao" and "hanqingfang" hanxintang series liquor, and provide customized services to fully meet the market demand. At the same time, the company has established cooperative relations with several famous liquor enterprises in Guizhou, such as Maotai Group, Wuliangye Group, Jiannanchun distillery, Guotai liquor, Diaoyutai liquor, Guizhou Zhenjiu, Jinsha Huisha liquor industry, etc.
  • Rare national brand

    The company's "Guolu" trademark was registered in the State Trademark Office ten years ago. After years of promotion and publicity, Guolu liquor has been well-known in the country. Guolu brand was rated as a CCTV-7 brand in 2013, and was rated as one of the top ten top quality brands, red list brands and top ten brands in China's brewing industry in 2019. At present, the national prefix brand is a relatively scarce brand resource, because it is strictly prohibited to register the national prefix brand according to the national trademark law since 2013. Moreover, the glory of the country and the high official rank are the unique brand connotation and core value embodiment of Guolu brand.
  • Strong media brand promotion

    Since the establishment of the company, the strategic products developed by the company have been strongly promoted on CCTV, local satellite TV, Tencent, Sina, Douyin, kuaihou, today's headlines and other major media platforms. And in the target market, we will select high-speed road signs, airports, subways, buses, newspapers and other offline media organizations for promotion and publicity. In addition, the company's official website, microblog, public number combined with the three-dimensional multi platform of the sugar and wine fair to carry out brand building at the same time.
  • Support the central city, logistics in all directions

    The company is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, with convenient transportation and efficient logistics. With the completion of Zhengzhou pilot Free Trade Zone, the "belt and road" has been steadily promoted. At the same time, the global interconnection of information, finance and commodities has been accelerated, and regional transportation integration has been formed. Zhengzhou, which is located in the National Central City, will serve the global customers efficiently, quickly and conveniently with the absolute geographical advantages of land transportation and air transportation.
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Wuzhou liquor Guest Experience Hall
Wuzhou liquor Customer Experience Hall, as an important window to display the image of Wuzhou liquor customers, realize the image display, customer experience, wine culture communication and convenient purchase of customers, is an intuitive and terminal experience and purchase platform for shaping brand image and forming word-of-mouth effect. The experience pavilion has an independent business organization, multi variety operation, and the responsibility and power of the headquarters are equal.
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 Guolu liquor Experience Hall
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Henan KunDing Trading Co., Ltd

Henan KunDing Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, headquartered in Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, Henan Free Trade Zone, the hinterland of Central Plains. It is a professional liquor marketing enterprise integrating product development, brand promotion and market operation. With the support of friends from all walks of life in China and the efforts of employees, the company has made rapid development.
Since its establishment, the company has formed a strategic partnership with Guobao distillery, Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province, as the third largest sauce liquor production enterprise in Guizhou Province. Through joint efforts of both sides, the company has successfully launched and operated Guobao series products, with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan. In just a few years, the company has established stable sales channels all over the country, and the sales volume of products continues to rise, and has won the support and love of the majority of consumers. At the beginning of 2012, in order to meet the demands of consumers, the company cooperated with Hu Jingrun studio, a famous packaging design company in Shenzhen, Professor Wu Tianxiang, an expert in liquor body design of Guizhou University, and Mr. Liang Mingfeng, a brewing engineer of Guizhou Maotai distillery, to launch the strategic brand Guolu series liquor. At the same time, the company, together with Maotai Group, Wuliangye Group, Jiannanchun distillery, Guotai liquor industry and diaoye, launched the strategic brand Guolu series liquor Yutai liquor, Guizhou Zhenjiu, Jinsha Huisha liquor and other well-known enterprises in Guizhou have reached strategic cooperation, which has added a strong driving force for the development of the company.

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